Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Clockwork Orange

When I read the description of A Clockwork Orange, I was definitely interested to see how a movie like this would play out.  It was definitely weirder than I expected it to be, but I was surprised at how interesting it was, especially the second half when all the psychological parts started showing up.  The way that the movie was put together was pretty genius for how I think the director and writer wanted to get the ideas of the movie across to the audience.  Some of the scenes were hard to watch, and it was definitely pretty disturbing, but it was one of those movies where, even though what you are seeing is disturbing, the meaning behind what's going on is incredible, whatever it is that you might be taking from it.  A Clockwork Orange is definitely one of those movies you don't forget.  I really felt like I was in this "future Britain" when I was watching it.  I know that the graphics of the rapes etc made it more extreme, but I wish that there was some way around all of that so that it would be easier to watch for myself.  The main character Alex really did a fantastic job.  The way he played the part of the charismatic psychopath was really cool to see.