Thursday, December 5, 2013

3rd and Final Paper

The third and final paper for Elements of Film deals with genre analysis.  If you have already written on this subject, you may choose either the analysis of a single film or the discussion of a director’s work (subjects of the two earlier papers).

For this last paper please select a genre and give a brief history, a discussion of its conventions, styles and themes.  Also important is which notable filmmakers might have made this a focus of their work and if this genre fits into the national identity of any particular country.  Viewings outside the required films are always good to add credibility.

You may turn this paper in on the final day of class or email it to me no later than Friday, Dec. 13.  There will be no penalty for doing so.  Please send it to:

If you have any past due papers, these are due on the last day of class.  I will accept them, but deduct one grade for anything late.

See you all Monday night for the final exam.